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Check out some of our favorite projects

Gallery: Welcome
Sunflower power! #sunflower #gardennativ
Flowers blooming in the spring time
pot succ.jpg
Garden Natives design
Representing in the garden!_#ilovemyjob
These #woolybluecurls are off the hook!!
Planted some scrubs and Santa Barbara daisies along this walkway
Some shrubs ang grasses planted
Walkway made of decomposed granite with flowers growing on both sides
Brick walkway with yarrows and lavender planted
One of or favorite yards,  always changi
California poppies making themselves known beside the pebble path we createds
Native flowers blooming
Native Buckwheat and Yarrows that we planted at this client's house
Flagstone Pathway
rock setup in the parkway
Sticky Monkeyflower planted  by the house
Desert Garden setup
More Flowers
A completed rock bed
Sticky Monkeyflower
Rock bed by the walkway
Santa Barbara Daisy and Sticky Monkeyflower planted
Working Hard planting carex
Established aloes grow beautiful blooms
Some indian mallows, pink jasmine, and lavender planted by the front porch
Flagstone seating area
Buckwheat waterfall
Blooms by the retaining stairway we built
Natives along the walkway
Buckwheat and Deergrass
Stairway built on the hillside
walkway with decomposed granite
Front yard completed
Fresh mulch laid out
This patch of yard by the driveway is complete
rock riverbed
Purple blooms
flagstone steps
Wide shot of this completed backyard
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