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Sydney Harrington and Amanda Claverie, both native gals from
Southern California, have a passion for plants and an appreciation 
   for nature. Through the collaboration of their design skills, creative eye,
and their knowledge of plants, they formed Garden Natives, a
    Landscape Design and Maintenance business, specializing in CA

native plants. Growing up in Southern California instilled a love for

the natural chaparral of the San Gabriel valley. Sharing & educating

clients on the benefits and joys of a native garden is their goal.

We are fortunate to have an amazing crew! We work hard, have fun and love what we do.


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Landscape Design

As Landscape Designers, we focus on implementing CA native plants that support our local butterflies, birds and bees. By taking inspiration from our local foothills, we create gardens that are welcoming and beautiful.

Each design is carefully thought-out for sun requirements, mature size of the plant, and how you intend to use the space.  We are focused on creating an outdoor space that is low maintenance, drought tolerant and functional. 

How is your garden bringing you Joy?

Landscape Installation

Installation is just as important to us as the Design. 

We are a full-service Landscape company with a great team of workers who have exceptional training in Irrigation, Lighting, and overall design implementation.


   By taking on one large project at a time, we are able to devote our full attention to the project from start to finish, allowing you to feel confident and at ease throughout the process. 


Garden Maintenance

Low maintenance doesn't mean no maintenance!


    Even the most water-wise of gardens require some maintenance to keep plants healthy and looking their best. This service includes weeding, pruning and shaping existing plants as needed, seasonal cut-backs, and irrigation assessments on each visit. 

     Coming by either monthly or every 3 months allows for the garden to put on growth in between visits, and for us to manage the plants as the seasons progress. Our intention is to pay special attention to all garden bed plants and provide the detailed, fine-tuning they deserve and need. If done with consistency and care, flowering perennials and shrubs can look great year round. 

CA native design

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Garden Natives

Specializing in CA Native Plants

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